UPP#245 Equipped as follows: Circa 135 million impressions Varidamp dampening CX equipment (additional equipment for cardboard until 1.2 mm) Ultrasonic double sheet control IR Dryer (Delivery) UV Dryer (Delivery) Logistics System Automatic format setting Automatic plate change Automatic washing device Chromed cylinders ALV 2 Double extension delivery Blower ionization on Read more…

2000 KBA Rapida 142-7+L ALV2 UV

SG#213 Equipped as follows: 1020 x 1420 mm 190 million impressions Coater UV Colortronic Preset Delta dampening Varidamp Anilox coating unit SAPC (Semi automatic plate change) Extended delivery Exchange positions for interdecks in all units IR and hot air dryer UV dryer Weko powder spray All washing devices Ink temperature Read more…

2008 KBA Rapida 142 -6+L ALV3 CX

SG#211 Equipped as follows: 1020 x 1420 mm Circa 126 million impressions UV/Conventional Corrugated module 1,5 mm CX board printing up to 1,2 mm Krifft & Zipsner full logistic 20 pallet Densitronic PDF check Raised 420 mm with ACR register control camera Impressions counter: 126 millions Max. sheet size 1020×1420 Read more…

1998 KBA RA 142-5 PWVA

SG#141 Equipped as follows: Size 100 x 140 cm Circa 176 million impression Straight machine Varidamp alcohol dampening Refrigerator Baldwin Automatic blanket,roller and impression-cylinder washing device Grafix powder sprayer Ink temperature control Densitometer Nonstop delivery Semi-automatic plate change Video available.  

2008 KBA Rapida 162A-4

SG#102 Equipped as follows: Max Paper Format 1200×1620 mm Straight machine Colortronic Ergotronic Console Varidamp Dampening Baldwin Refrigeration & Recirculation Automatic plate change Baldwin Auto Ink Roller & Blanket Washers Steel plate on feeder and delivery ink temperature control Antistatic Powder Spray Manuals and tools