2002 Heidelberg SM102-2P

UPP#306 Equipped as follows: Two color 8-up offset press with perfecting 720 x 1020 mm Circa 75 million impressions CP2000 with ink remote control Alcolor dampening Baldwin Automix Recirculation Autoplate Preset feeder Steel plates in feeder and delivery Grafix powder sprayer  

2016 Heidelberg XL75-5+L-F

REF# 196898 Equipped as follows: Size: 60.5 x 75 cm Prinect Press Center Alcolor Autoplate Chamber doctor blade CombiStar CAN DryStar Coating CAN PowderStar AP 262 CAN StaticStar Compact AirStar Pro air-cooled Ultrasonic double sheet control Up to 15,000 sheets / hour Circa 95 million impressions

2014 Komori LS529+C H-UV

UPP#305 Equipped as follows: Five color 4-up non-perfecting printing press with inline/dedicated coater Circa 89 million impressions Sheet size: 5300 x 7500 mm Maximum printing Speed: 16,000 sheets/hour Maximum Sheet Size (mm): 530 x 750 Sheet Thickness Range (mm) 0.06 to 0.08 PQC Off-Press Controls KMS IV Monitoring System High Read more…

2008 Heidelberg CD74-4P+L-C

UPP#304 Equipped as follows: Four color 20×29 (4-up) offset press with coater and perfecting Circa 92 million impressions Perfecting 2/2, 4/0 CP2000 CIP3 (Connectable) Alcolor dampening Technotrans Beta.d refrigeration Coating, with Tresu chambered doctor blade IR-dryer Autoplate Preset Auto washers    

2013 Komori LS529+CX HUV

UPP#303 Equipped as follows: 530 x 750 mm Circa 50 million impressions PQC-S Komori (Print Quality Control) WallScreen KID (Komori Info-Service Display) PDC-S II (Print Density Control – Colour Management) KMS IV (Komori Monitoring System) KHS-AI (Advanced Interface) AMR (Automatic Make Ready) FAPC (Automatic and semi-Auto Plate Mounting) Cocking Register Read more…

2010 Ryobi 1050 5-XL-D

UPP#302 Equipped as follows: 780 x 1085 mm Circa 95 million impressions Skeleton Transfer Cylinders RPC Semi Automatic Plate Change PCS-L: Press Controls Ryobimatic Dampening Automatic Blanket Washing Device Automatic Impression Cylinder Washing Device Stream Feeder Mabeg Feeder Coating Unit: Chambered Ductor System Harris & Bruno Extended Delivery Preset: Automatic Read more…

2017 Heidelberg XL75-5P3

UPP#300 Equipped as follows: Five color offset press with perfector and no coater Circa 39 million impressions Prinect Press Centre XL2 Prinect Inpress control XL2 Presscentre Instant Start XL2 Presscentre Instant Gate XL2 Wallscreen Preset Plus ¬†Feeder & delivery Heidelberg Static star compact Alcolor with Vario Damping Autoplate XL (simultaneous Read more…